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Community of Practice Community Meeting – Education for Community Climate Action

March 29th, 2022
12-2pm CT | 1-3pm ET

This is the second of three community meetings to unite Midwest climate educators – K-12, university, and community educators – in a community of practice focused on effective Midwest climate education. Educators play an important role in building capacity for climate action. This community meeting will introduce educator opportunities to support local community initiatives and policy planning focus on responding to Midwest climate challenges. Education within a local decision making or policy change context provides students with strategies and agency to work for change into the future. This community meeting supports generating and sharing ideas within your education work. Learning from other educators will energize new possibilities.

Student Systems Conference

March 4th, 2022
12-3pm CT | 1-4pm ET

The Student Systems Conference is a one-day virtual conference where students from across the country are able to build relationships with each other and learn about the sustainability initiatives at their respective schools.

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