Climate summit banner with text "Midwest Climate Summit Feb 21-23 2022 St. Louis, MO"


Our mission is to facilitate the development of a coherent Midwestern response to the climate crisis through acceleration of climate action, knowledge generation and leader development led by a cross-sector collaboration of key organizations throughout the Midwest.

Submit a question for the Midwest Climate Research Agenda

As we seek to identify key climate questions that will advance our understanding of climate impacts and solutions in the Midwest, we envision a collaborative process involving cross-sectoral stakeholder engagement across the region.

Our Projects

Read more about our projects, including a Midwest-wide climate research agenda, asset map of Midwest climate work, climate ambassador program, educator community of practice, and student-focused Midwest climate and sustainability conference.

Request for Proposals

The MCC has been awarded a grant from the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub to conduct a needs assessment for a Midwest Climate Asset Map. We are looking for a team to design and analyze a survey of potential users and a tech consultant/product developer. We are currently reviewing proposals.


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