Thank you to everyone who attended the
2023 Midwest Climate Summit!

February 21-23, 2023 | St. Louis, MO

The Midwest Climate Summit was a three-day gathering of climate leaders, researchers, and professionals focused on expanding knowledge, accelerating climate action, and catalyzing new partnerships.

The Summit concluded on Feb. 23, 2023. Please see below for a Summit Summary and links to workshop recordings and presentation materials.

Summit Summary

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Watch the 2023 Summit

Keynote Presentation with Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington and US EPA Deputy Administrator Janet McCabe


10. Emerging Trends in Renewable Energy – an Ambitious New Path Towards 24/7 Carbon Free Electricity
11. Higher Education Sustainability- Priorities, Programs, Partnerships, & Practices in Climate Change & Resilience
12. Energy and Housing Justice
13. Midwest Climate Collaborative- Research Agenda and Collaborative Research Across Sectors
14. Navigating the Federal Funding Landscape for Limited Capacity Communities
15. Climate Action in the Midwest Centered in Environmental Health Justice
16. Climate Action Planning- Bringing communities together to equitably address Sustainability, Transit, and Green Infrastructure
17. Becoming a Resilient Activist: Four Steps for a Resilient Life
18. The weather and climate link: Data tools to help you understand and tell that story on a local level
19. Building Capacity Through Cross Sector Collaborations
20. Stop, Collaborate, and Listen Engaging Key Audiences to Climate Action
21. What does the tip of the spear for local climate action look like?
22. Agroforestry and Silviculture as Natural Climate Solutions
23. Policy and Practice Strategies to Mitigate Health Impacts of Climate Change
24. Building Resilient Farming Systems and Rural Communities Amidst Climate Change
25. The Cross Community Climate Collaborative (C4)
26. Informing Policy and the Masses: Sharing Science Notes with Decision Makers and Using Social Media
27. Every School can be a Green School and Every Student a Change Agent
28. Circular Economy: A New Approach to Addressing Climate Change
29. Environmental Racism in St Louis- What Comes Next
100. Farm Bill Advocacy 101 How to Help Shape the 2023 Farm Bill VIRTUAL only
101. How Urban Farmers in Chicago are Building Food System and Climate Resilience





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The Midwest Climate Collaborative is a cross-sector collaboration responding to the climate crisis through the acceleration of climate action, knowledge generation, and leader development.