UK-Midwest Climate Action Dialogue

March 3, 2021

The British Consulate-General in Chicago partnered with the Midwest Climate Summit for an online climate action dialogue.

Midwestern partners had the chance to learn about the United Kingdom’s climate agenda, including the COP26 conference scheduled in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Participants also explored the collaborative links between climate action initiatives in the Midwest and the U.K. as well as possible future partnerships to address climate challenges.

Main Session


Alyssa Gilbert, chair, COP26 Universities Network (Imperial College London)

Alan Gogbashian, British consul general for Chicago

Beth Martin, teaching professor in environmental studies, interim director, Washington University Climate Change Program; U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organizations lead

Green Transportation Systems Discussion


Jillian Anable, professor of transport and energy, University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies

Linda Samuels, associate professor of urban design, Washington University

Dave Worsley, professor of engineering, Swansea University

Decarbonisation of Utilities Discussion


Richard Fitton, lecturer in energy efficiency, University of Salford; technical lead, Salford Energy House 2 project

Barry Rabe, professor of environmental policy, University of Michigan

Agriculture Discussion


Jessica Hellmann, director, University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment

Dave Reay, professor of carbon management, University of Edinburgh; director, Edinburgh Climate Change Institute; director of policy, ClimateXChange