Visual artists:

Get your paints, canvases, clays, needles, fabrics, and tools ready!

Artwork in this category consists of visual art pieces including paintings, sculptures, stitchwork, graphic designs, pottery, etc. To be considered in this category, the work you are producing must be a tangible object, excluding photographs or film/photography art. Animation is accepted in this category, so long as it resembles a GIF. 

All work must be original student work; plagiarism will not be tolerated. Pieces created by a group or team of people will be accepted. Submissions need to be of reasonable size, such that they can potentially be transported to an in-person summit in the spring. Please ask for more guidance if you have questions about acceptable size limits.

Upload Requirements

Applicants must submit a clear photograph of their work and upload it to the submission form, along with a brief description of the work that describes how the piece fulfills the submission requirements. If the piece is a digital artwork, upload the piece as a PDF, PNG or JPEG file. All uploads should be either a PDF, PNG or JPEG file. 


  • First Place: $1,500
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place: $750

Contest Submission

Submit your artwork through this google form by February 1, 2021.


For questions concerning any aspect of Climate Stories, contact: