Marshall Johnson

Marshall Johnson

Science and Research Workshop

Vice President of the National Audobon Society, Marshall Johnson will participate in the Science and Research Workshop of Summit Session 4 on November 6, at 10:45am central time.

Marshall Johnson’s Bibliography

Marshall serves as Vice-President of the National Audubon Society, where, for the past decade, he’s worked to build rural and urban community-focused habitat and ecosystem programs. Equipped with a business degree from the University of Minnesota, Marshall strives to bring conservation into the 21st century, creating eco-friendly profit centers and urban habitat initiatives driven by the ecosystem services they provide to communities.

Marshall’s pioneering work in the Dakotas brings farmers, ranchers, retailers and consumers together with grasslands, herds and birds into win-win alignment. The groundbreaking market-based Conservation Ranching Program now enrolls more than 2,000,000 acres across 60 ranches. Additionally, creating safe passage and respite for wildlife and wild humans within an urban context has been a priority of Audubon Dakota under Marshall’s leadership, with the program now managing the largest urban conservation program in the Northern Great Plains.

“If we don’t fundamentally change what we’re doing, our grandkids will talk about grasslands, butterflies and birds the way we now talk about department stores and dinosaurs.”- Marshall