Heather Navarro, JD


The MCC welcomed Heather Navarro as the new director on January 28, 2022. Heather most recently served as an Alderperson in the City of St. Louis where she spearheaded a host of climate-forward legislation, including the first building energy performance standard in the Midwest, solar-ready requirements, and an EV-ready building code, among many other accomplishments. Heather previously served from 2013-2020 as the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, a state-wide environmental advocacy organization. In that role, she was actively engaged with the Mississippi River Collaborative, the Missouri Clean Energy Coalition, and many other collaborative efforts.

A Washington University graduate, Navarro earned both a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies in Arts & Sciences in 2001 and a JD from the School of Law in 2008. Her legal practice was primarily with a public interest law firm representing clients in racial and disability discrimination matters. 

In addition to this experience, Heather was a fellow with the Public Leaders for Inclusion Council in 2021 and has served on the Missouri Municipal League Board as well as a variety of other local, state, and national boards.