Liliana Sydorenko

Liliana Sydorenko

Teaching and Education Workshop

Northwestern student and climate activist, Liliana Sydorenko will participate in the Teaching and Education Workshop of Summit Session 4 on November 6, at 10:45am central time.

Liliana Sydorenko’s Biography

Liliana Sydorenko is a second-year student pursuing a BA in environmental science and a certificate in sustainability studies at Northwestern University. In addition to various courses in environmental science, chemistry, biology, and sustainability, she indulges her other academic interests through courses in economics, philosophy, and international studies.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Liliana’s interest in environmentalism extends particularly to creating practical and long-term solutions for urban environments and lifestyles. She is passionate about sustainability, especially as it relates to economics, technology, and policy, and anticipates working with both corporate and political environmental initiatives in her career. Having grown up in an international household, she is intrigued by the relationship between global relations and climate change, as well as environmental justice and defining what “sustainable development” means for today’s world. A charismatic, ambitious learner with a collaborative spirit, Liliana eagerly anticipates contributing to our global sustainability trajectory.

Beyond the classroom, Liliana is an avid performer, currently serving as the Assistant Music Director for her a cappella group, the Northwestern Undertones. She is a research assistant on a team training machine learning algorithms to identify wetlands and grasslands from high-resolution aerial imagery to characterize land use and land change in the United States. Throughout this past summer, Liliana has immensely enjoyed working with professors and other student representatives on the Midwest Climate Summit. She is honored by the opportunity to share her perspective on creating environmental science curricula that prepare students for modern careers in sustainability and climate activism.