Izzy Diagostino

Izzy Diagostino

Indiana University

INSTITUTION | Indiana University Bloomington

POSITION | Program Coordinator for the Integrated Program in the Environment

Izzy Diagostino is a Program Coordinator for the Integrated Program in the Environment at Indiana University Bloomington. The IPE is an academic and program office that represents all of the environmental degree programs at IU and engages students in co-curricular programming on campus. Through this position, Izzy has been able to learn more about the environment and how to educate other students on the importance of living a more sustainable life. Along with this, she is currently finishing up two years of working as an Orientation Leader and Student Coordinator for the Orientation Team through the Office of First Year Experience Programs. This role has allowed her to gain even more professional development and work with a great team of students and professional staff.

Izzy is a Senior at Indiana University Bloomington working towards her Bachelor of Public Affairs in Environmental Management. After graduation, Izzy hopes to work for a non-profit or governmental organization that affects policy on the environment.

Izzy serves on the Steering Committee for the Midwest Climate Summit.