Olivia Malloy: thank you, thank you, thank you

Olivia Malloy is a sophomore majoring in Studio Art (drawing and painting) at The Ohio State University.


This book called thank you, thank you, thank you is an illustrated accordion book. I used mostly pen, marker, and watercolor for the illustrations, and there are a lot of plastic details. I see a lot of these environmental changes happening near where I grew up on the coast of Massachusetts. In the summer, I work on the docks of a boatyard in a harbor, I see the pollution happening in our oceans first hand. While I was creating this piece I saved up wrappers and bags that I was using. I have always thought that the “thank you” phrase written on plastic bags is quite ironic when a bag like this is tangled in a tree or floating in the ocean. The dimensions of this book are 5×7 inches and there are ten pages including the front and back. This book was created for a class alongside a research paper about René Magritte, I used some of his iconography (mostly birds), and I used plastic instead of his draped fabric. I made a few similar compositions to some of his work, but created it with my own theme and style.