Cindy Kao: The Wisdom of Trees

Cindy is currently a junior at The Ohio State University, majoring in Visual Communications Design and Chinese with a minor in French.

Being a first generation Chinese American, she always loves traveling to China and other new places, and enjoys learning new languages and customs. Regardless of what her future holds, she always wants to continue growing and learning from other people.


The project I have submitted is called “The Wisdom of Trees” and essentially it was a form of therapy for me to create these visuals and reflect on how precious/sacred nature is. The world was in the onset of Corona during the time of its creation (spring of 2020) and I was going through one of the lowest periods in my life (mental health wise). I was feeling a strong sense of imposter syndrome, and incredibly insecure about my talents, and identity. Thus, this project is an ode to the way that nature was able to be my escape, my strength and my safety. I remember learning from nature and the trees that surrounded me, and wanted to show how nature was a respite from the chaos of the world–how being in nature teaches us so much about ourselves. This project is a celebration of life, and a reminder to care for the living world around us.